The Sprung Pelvis: Is it Worse in Ridden Horses?

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What can these 20 skeletons tell us? Could the act of riding horses contribute to separation of the pubic symphysis? What about training methods? And are we breeding riding horses that are structurally weaker?


There have been lots of responses to my recent article about the pubic (or pelvic) symphysis. If you’ve not already read it, it’s best to do so before reading this article.

It’s such an under-explored area that I asked Zefanja Vermeulen of Equine Studies and the amazing The Horse Inside Out dissection webinars to contribute. Zefanja assists Sharon May-Davis with dissections and also undertakes her own. Together, they’ve examained many modern and primitive breeds, as well as Przewalksi’s wild horses. A selection of pelvises from these horses are shown here, along with some that I’ve collected through dissections with Sharon.

Do we contribute to the sprung pelvis by riding horses, or not? You decide… We’ve added our own thoughts at the end as well.


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Source: The Horses Back