the horse inside out

The Horse Inside Out

Unique online Learning program


Of course, as horse lovers, we all want our horses to be as comfortable as possible and to perform without limitations. For that reason, we would sometimes like to look through the horse’s skin to really understand how the horse is put together. That is now possible! On The Horse Inside Out online platform, you’re going to learn all about the functioning of the healthy horse and the abnormalities that can occur in the body. You are literally going to take a look inside the horse’s body, how cool is that!

A journey through the equine body

Through exclusive footage from dissections and explanations of anatomy and biomechanics, you will learn to better understand the horse’s body. The Horse Inside Out is a must for every horse lover! Moreover, it is suitable for specialists in the equine world who want to further deepen their content in their field.

The Horse Inside Out is the way to access the vast knowledge Zefanja Vermeulen has gained over the past decades. Zefanja Vermeulen is the founder of Equinestudies. Through many dissections and development of skeletal preparations, she has accumulated unique knowledge and imagery of the equine body that she will share with you in the online learning program: The Horse Inside Out.

In three parts, you will take a journey through every facet of the horse’s body. And the great thing is: this can be done from home, from behind your own computer and at your own pace. Every month, Zefanja Vermeulen, expert in this field, gives live webinars on highlighted themes and there is room for in-depth

Part 1 - The healthy horse

What amazing animals horses are! It is fascinating to see how a horse lives and what it needs to survive. Part 1 of the course focuses on the healthy horse. The various systems of the body and how they work together are examined. This knowledge is important to better understand any abnormalities in the horse’s body. The Horse Inside Out is an online course in which text is interspersed with unique and exclusive photo and video material from the dissections Zefanja Vermeulen has done over the years. This way you literally get an inside look at the horse!

Part 2 - The horse in motion

Movement plays an essential role in the daily life of a horse. In the second part, you will apply the knowledge from the first part of the course to learn to look and judge properly. What makes a horse “well-built” and what influence do certain abnormalities in conformation have? By watching horses in motion, you will learn what abnormalities in movement exist and how to recognize them. Topics covered will include movement analysis, abnormalities that can cause lameness and the horse’s ability to recover. Zefanja will take you through the stories of horses she has had the pleasure of watching on the table. You will read the horses’ background stories and get a glimpse into their bodies through images from dissections.

Part 3 - The horse in practice

In Parts 1 and 2, you learned how the body is put together and that different parts in the body are connected. In Part 3, these connections become even clearer. By learning more about the systems, you will learn more about the effects of certain conditions and their impact on the other systems. In addition, Part 3 focuses on the influence of the harness, the effects of evolution & domestication and the connections within the body.

Practical information

The Horse Inside Out is an online learning program in partnership with You can take the program whenever and wherever you want. In addition to text, the course contains many videos, visuals, interactive games and podcasts. Have you completed a part? Then you will receive a certificate. The course is based on scientific and practical information.

You can order part 1 for € 139,95. Want to order all three parts at once? Then you pay only € 279.95. Do you want to literally take a look inside the horse’s body? Sign up now and start learning today!