Terms & Conditions


Equinestudies is entitled to cancel any course in case of circumstances beyond control. A full refund shall be made to your account upon 6 weeks of the cancellation.

Any cancellation on behalf of the participant/student will not be refunded. Every participant/student is advised to close on a cancellation insurance. A participant/student is also allowed to arrange replacement for its spot on the course.



After you’re payment has been processed, you’ll receive a confirmation email with an invoice and specific details of the course selected. It is the responsibility of the participant/student to contact Equinstudies when a confirmation email hasn’t been received.


It is the responsibility of the participant/student that payments are made before the course starts. If the payment hasn’t been received on the first day of the course, Equinestudies is entitled to exclude the participant/student from partaking. This does not suspend the particpant’s obligation to pay.


Terms & conditions

By signing the application form, the participant/student agrees to the terms and condition of participation. The participant/student also agrees with his/her obligation to pay for the selected course.


Use of horses during the courses

Third parties can provide horses to the students/participants during the course days. These horses are allowed to present themselves at all times and it is prohibited that any signals given by the horse are contested with violence from the participant/student.


The participant/student holds the responsibility to timely report when feeling endangered with a horse. The participant/student is responsible to enhance it’s own safetey and that of it’s fellow participants/students.


Keep communicating at all times when dangerous situations arise.



Equinestudies does not cover insurance for the participant/student during the course.

It is the responsibility of the participant/student to close on a liability insurance that covers all practices within the course, horsemanship (either your own or provided by third parties) and the location on which the course is given.


Participation of any course is at your own risk. Equinestudies can not be held liable for any injuries/ and or damage incurred during the course and after applying newly acquired techniques taught in the course.


Disclaimer website

This website displays all courses that Equinestudies offers in 2017. However, Equinestudies is entitled to adjust and cancel at all times.

Equinestudies doest its best to make sure all information provided on the website is accurate, but can’t be held responsible for any inaccuracies.