Zefanja Vermeulen - Equine Studies“As a child I always felt connected to horses, and this has never changed. To improve the wellbeing of these beautiful, fascinating animals has always been a big motivation for me.

I started, together with Sietske Nobel, the Equine Studiecentrum in 2012. Due to my background as Freestyle trainer and haoptotherapist I’ve mastered the many forms of Equine therapy.

In 2013 Sharon May-Davis came into my life, because Sietske brought her to The Netherlands. Because of the passion by which I saw Sharon May-Davis work, I’ve been fascinated by her knowledge and love for the horse.
Due to the busy activities of Sietske in Australia, I’ve continued Equine Studies in 2015. Sharon stayed and I felt a privileged person that I could work and learn side by side with her in Equine Studies.

My biggest passion – building skeletons of the horses we had in dissection – is also the which I can ask her for supervision. Beside all this we also started an investigation in 2016, with the goal to share with you what we discover-“

– Zefanja