I was introduced to the horse virus. As a child I have mainly been active in competitive sport.
After a short period without horses, the blood still crept where it could go. In 2012 we bought a beautiful accommodation in the province of Groningen, where we have now realized a small-scale horse pension where the horses can walk outside 24/7.

In 2014 I started training as a behavioral expert at Petra Vlasblom / 2Moons. I completed this in 2017 with very good results. During my education I bought Jillz, a 6 month old KWPN mare, with the idea that she could grow with me in the education. However, Jillz appeared to have physical limitations, which appeared to have a progressive course. In 2016 I had to say goodbye to her. I got in touch with Equine Studies and I got the chance to offer her for a dissection, including Sharon May-Davis. The expert in the field of anatomy and biomechanics. Who knows could she tell me what Jillz has been troubling all this time? We have finished town and country with her, but no one could specifically tell what was wrong with Jillz.

It was clear that Jillz could not continue like this, the choice remains difficult to decide on life and death, but it was extraordinary and impossible to grasp her body from the inside. I was present at the 3-day dissection and those 3 days made me decide that I want to know everything but also about anatomy and biomechanics in horses, how are they put together, what does the outside tell me about the inside and if I train what I actually train .. In my work horses with behavioral problems problem behavior due to physical problems is a very large group. Who am I to teach horses new behavior if something is wrong physically? From that moment I started to specialize in physical and management related problems in horses.

From 2016 I joined Equine Studies as a team member, I photograph and record all findings before and during the dissections and I help where necessary. These are several dissections per year in both the Netherlands and further in Europe. These are schools that cannot be learned from a book. And I am happy to share all this knowledge and experience in lectures and training sessions.

I am convinced that working together has so much power. And that also makes me happy to enter into collaboration.

As a trainer I am very active and closely involved with Hersenwerk voor Paarden (www.hersenwerkvoorpaarden.nl) I give demos and workshops throughout the Netherlands.
My service can be found on my website, who knows we might see each other at a training, lecture, demo or workshop! www.equinesolutions.nl