Stéphanie grew up among horses and competition riders from the world of jumping and dressage.
With the training Shiatsu Practitioner a new dimension opened up and Stéphanie found her passion in the link between the movement and the well-being of the horse with biomechanics. Since then, she has been treating horses from this angle and deepening her knowledge with various courses worldwide, as well as attending numerous seminars and congresses. She has completed, among other things, the anatomy, biomechanics and dissection courses at Sharon May-Davis.
Her main courses are:
– Equine Anatomy, Biomechanics, Biomechanics Advanced
– Equine Massage & Joint Mobilisations
– Osteopathy for Horses
– Kinesiology Taping
– Manual lymph drainage

Stéphanie about her mission

It is from my great love for the horse that I want to get the best out of every horse in a gentle way. Every horse is unique and every horse can shine. It is from the same mission that I want to share my knowledge to the maximum. With my company Uniques I can mean something every day for horses and their owners.