I came into contact with Equine Studies through my work, but especially through Breezer.
My beautiful homebred mare was not approved cause by a tendon injury after half a year under saddle.
But something was wrong in my eyes. Yes, she had a tendon injury, but she had more. I have always seen that she did not use her body correctly. I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Eventually, when it could no longer continue, we learned through a dissection that, among other things, she had a malformation of C6-C7. That explained a lot.
I am still grateful to her for the lessons she has taught me.
And I hope that I can help others with my knowledge.

Breezer has made me even more aware of the importance of biomechanics. How does a body move and why does it move that way. I find it so exciting to read a body and to crawl into it, as it were. Looking for the best way for this horse to function properly. And then it does not matter whether it is a children’s pony, recreation, dressage or jumping horse.

That is why I am very happy to be part of Equine Studies. Together with you I would like to go on a journey of discovery and share my knowledge with you. With of course the aim to give our horses the best possible life.

Healthy horse riding is not easy.
A lot is involved and every part is important.
You can’t skip any part and in my eyes a lot goes wrong. (Learning) horse riding is a process that never ends.
When you are aware of that, you can enjoy the process and not the end result.

Greetings Stephanie

Animal physiotherapist
Rehabilitation trainer for horses
Attitude and sitting coach (ao Flexchair)
Osteopathy for animals (i.o.)
Chiropractic for dogs (i.o.)