Meet Sharon May-Davis

Sharon May-Davis
Sharon May-Davis is passionate and dedicated living legend in the area of  Equine Anatomy, Biomechanics, muscoloskeleton and dissections. She is also widely known as a therapist and scientist of the equine species


For over 35 years, Sharon has been travelling all over the world to work with therapists, trainers, riders and top competition horses in order to get a deeper understanding of the horse and to improve its well-being.


Most of her clients are based in Australia and cover at least four different equestrian disciplines. By combining her passion for competition horses with extensive knowledge of Equine Anatomy and Biomechanics, Sharon developed a number of specific treatment techniques. Horses treated by Sharon have showed a better quality in performances and huge improvement in athletic capacity. Several broken records endorse her success.


For the past 15 years, she has taught at several educations and is a popular guest lecturer at many universities, education centres and education centres on an international level.


The courses of Sharon are a must for those that are interested to understand and improve the locomotion of horses. Sharon teaches how to recognise, feel and deal with ‘comprised’ biomechanics in order to help as many horses as possible.


The nicknames of Sharon May-Davis

During the past years, Sharon has been ascribed two beautiful nicknames: ‘Equine CSI’ and ‘The Bone Lady’. These nicknames are mainly due to her research in Equine Anatomy and Biomechanics as well as the numerous dissections she performed on horses of all breeds, ages and disciplines.


Her success wouldn’t be able if it wasn’t for her solid knowledge of what is going on inside of the horse.


Education and techniques

  • App.Sc. (Rural) – 4 equine thesi B.App.Sc.;
  • (Equine) Advanced Certification Horse Management (1 year full time study);
  • Equine Body Work;
  • Advanced Equine Massage;
  • Equine Myofascial Release;
  • Equine Cranio-sacral Techniques;
  • Certificate of Honour (Honourary) Midway College Kentucky.