From a young age, I am crazy about horses, but only when I was halfway, 20 did my own horse arrives. I bought an unspoiled 3-year-old stallion – how naive you can be – but I learned an incredible amount from him and because of him. This descendant of the English Thoroughbred Stornello XX brought many behavioral and physical challenges with it. Looking for a horse-friendly way to meet all challenges, I came up with the Tellington TTouch® method by Linda Tellington-Jones. A (then certainly) different and much broader view of horse behavior, health, and welfare than what I had been acquainted with until then.

I was fascinated by the positive approach of animals and humans and the changes in my horse, due to the slow groundwork and guided exercises in combination with the soft bodywork and body wraps. After the first course weekend sometime in the 90s, many Tellington TTouch training weeks and course days followed. For horses. For companion animals. For people. First as a student, once certified as a practitioner and also as an assistant trainer, as a teacher and from 2009-2018 as organizer of the internationally recognized training for Tellington TTouch practitioner for horses and companion animals in the Netherlands.

I may call myself a qualified and licensed Tellington TTouch practitioner for both Horses (level 3) and Companion Animals (level 3), but it was (and is) above all a special learning process, in which I have learned to feel better, look and listen (to it) “whisper” of a horse). These skills contributed to the fact that I was able to rehabilitate my first horse after a very serious injury and that I was able to release my second horse at the age of 22 in Z dressage. The Tellington TTouch insights and techniques have also proved valuable in my time as a groom (2002 to 2008) and team coach at the Dutch Para-Equestrian Dressage Team. A challenging and intensive period with multi-day international Para-Equestrian Dressage competitions, including the World Championship of 2007 in Hartpury and the Paralympic Games Beijing 2008. Special experiences!

Once again, it was the horses that led me to study Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2007 and enriched a new passion that also guarantees lifelong learning. Meanwhile, I have been working with great pleasure in my (human) practice for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Geldermalsen for quite some time. Do you want to know how the horses led me on the path of acupuncture? Or are you curious about my entire CV or interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine and treatment techniques? Take a look at my website

~ Monique