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Seminar Sharon May-Davis




Sharon May- Davis is known worldwide for her expertise

Apart from performing many dissections for universities, training centres and for general audiences, Sharon May-Davis also works as a therapist and researcher.

During an international conference in Melbourne (AUS) in Februari 2015, she shared the latest results of her research with a big audience. Her research was published in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science.
She’s happy to share this information with the Dutch audiende, in the form of this seminar.


The missing lamella on the cervical vertabrae:
* How does this influence our horse and what can we do as its therapist, vet, hoof trimmer, farrier, instructor, rider or horse owner?

How much can an elbow joint take?:
* The latest research shows that 100% of saddled horses have waer to the elbow joint. How does this wear develop and how does this influence our horse and what we ask of it?

Abnormalities in the cervical vertabrae:
* This research has taken years to complete, but has now been published: What does the abnormality in cervical vertabrae C6 and C7 mean and how does it influence our horses? Does it occur in all races, what can we do about it and how does this influence our way of training and riding?

This session is for people who are interested in this research. The seminar will be given in English and is easy to follow for non-native speakers. You will recieve a reference work in English.


Tickets for this event cost € 75,-


Location and time

April 22nd 2016

Veterinary Medicine faculty Utrecht
Time: 19:30 – 22:00