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Biomechanics Advanced Module


Biomechanics Module with Racquel Butler

Because you’ve always wanted to know how the movement of a horse works.

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The effect of training and/or the use of the horse on its body

Biomechanica van het paard module biomechanica advanced

The course Biomechanics Advanced is a more in-depth follow up of the Biomechanics course. This module is indispensable for therapists, saddle fitters, hoof carers, trainer and passionate horselovers who want to be able to better recognise the moving patterns of horses and influence them in a positive way.

You’ll learn to recognise and feel ‘abnormal’ moving patterns and how to possibly influence towards a more ‘normal’ moving pattern. You’ll also learn which and why certain ‘diseases’ influence and limit the range of motion, resulting in compromised biomechanics.


In this Module we will give you an inside view in how he analyses and feels frequent issues and will provide some problem-solving tips.



€350,- for 2 days, manual included.

The groupsize will be selected in such a way that every student and horse will get enough attention for his/her specific requests or questions.


Location and timeschedule


16 – 17 May 2020

Aalsdijk 18
4115 LN Asch

09.00-17.00 hours



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