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Biomecanical Assessment of the Horse


Do you want to start a training course or a treatment course?

Raquel teaches in comprehensible style. Being both a vet and a therapist, her teaching style is practical and unique. The assesments module teaches you to create a sound diagnosis.

The course consists of a four-day practical. Raquel teaches you to see and feel the horse, both inside en outside. she teaches you how to get a touch for feeling blockades and restrictions, from the point of view that everything moves en interconnects within a horse.

The course is taught in English and is easy to follow for non-native speakers. We advise you to bring your own horse, as a case study during the course. You will also recieve a performance review and training tips from Raquel.


– Anatomy
– Biomechanics
– Health issues
– Connections and compensation within the body
– Searching for possibility

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How to make a good anamnesis?

During this 4-day course, we will teach you to see and feel the inside of the horse from the outside. Training the horse will allow you to feel limitations and blockades in the body because everything is moving and connected. During the course, you’ll receive some treatment- and trainingstips.

Subjects in this course:

  • Anatomy and palpation
  • Biomechanics and the restrictions
  • Issues
  • Connections and compensation in the body
  • Seeking possibilities
  • Genetics



€ 650,- for 4 days, manual and usb included.

The group size will be selected in such a way that every student and horse will get enough attention for his/her specific requests or questions.
If you’re not a therapist, you’re required to have already followed the course. Anatomy – Biomechanics – Dissection. Please contact us when you’re in doubt


Location and timeschedule


18 till 21 Septembre 2020


Aalsdijk 18
4115 LN Asch

Time: 09.00-17.00 hours