Zefanja Vermeulen

Anatomist | Researcher

As a child, Zefanja always felt a connection to horses and that has never faded. Promoting the welfare of these beautiful, intriguing animals is her greatest motivation. How she does that? She turns the horse inside out. In 2012, she co-founded Equinestudies with Sietske Nobel. With her background as a Freestyle trainer, haptotherapist and coach, she has made many equine therapy forms her own. In 2013, Sietske arranged the first meeting with Sharon May-Davis in the Netherlands. Zefanja saw Sharon passionately at work and was captivated by her knowledge and love for the horse.

“With a suitcase full of knowledge, I travel the world and show the horse inside out.”

In 2015, Zefanja continued Equinestudies independently. She felt privileged to be a protegee of Sharon and traveled with her as often as she could. This is how she learned the craft of dissecting and prepairing from the source. Sharon May-Davis joined the Equinestudies team in 2016 and together they are doing research on genetic disorders in domesticated horses compared to primal horses. She organizes courses and training with a team of expert professionals, travels all over the world, and gives regular (online) guest lectures. To this day, Zefanja and her team members continue to learn from their mentor Sharon, and by now Zefanja is already known to a large audience as “The Dutch Bone Lady. That, of course, is a huge compliment.

info@equinestudies.nl | 06-51641546