Monique Staring

Tellington TTouch© instructor | Acupuncturist

Monique lives and works in the West Betuwe village of Deil where she has a home-based (humane) acupuncture practice. Besides her work as an acupuncturist, she not only teaches acupuncture and Chinese Medicine but also the Tellington TTouch© method. According to her, both fields have much in common. About 25 years ago Monique came into contact with Tellington TTouch© when she was looking for answers to her horse’s many behavioral and physical challenges. Attentive touch combined with slow and focused movement exercises, has proven incredibly effective for both of them.

“Slow attention exercises seem deceptively simple, but The Art Of Wrapping is effective as well as complex.”

Monique’s scientific prior education and previous work experience in research and policy and management in health care, makes her well able to connect the western biomedical perspective with the more complementary insights from Tellington TTouch© and Traditional Chinese Medicine. In June 2021, Monique received the accreditation and qualification Tellington TTouch© Instructor for Horses and Companion Animals. She is also a certified and licensed acupuncturist, Tui Na and Gua Sha therapist.

Since 2020, Monique has been part of the Equinestudies team where she enjoys sharing her knowledge of the TTouch© Bodywraps. The Bodywraps are widely applicable and offer practical support for horse and human in many ways. The Art of Bodywrapping is deceptively simple, but in her teaching modules Monique likes to take you into the workings and complexities of the nervous system. A body system that she believes is still too often overlooked in the daily handling, training and rehabilitation of horses. |
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