Our team

Inspiring and committed, that’s definitely the team at Equinestudies! A team of professionals trained by Sharon May-Davis, among others. Discovering and learning “horses inside-out” has tremendous impact, not only on us but also on our students. We have great respect for the horse, for its beauty, its life and the story it tells us. And no story is the same.

Zefanja Vermeulen

Anatomist | Researcher

Sharon May-Davis

Scientist | Lecturer

Thirza Hendriks

Functional Dressage | Rehabilitation Trainer

Tamara Dorresteijn

Behaviorist | Brain Work | Passive Physio

Stéphanie van den Bergh

Shiatsu Practitioner | Osteopath | Taping | MLD

Stephanie Groet

Animal physical therapist | Rehabilitation trainer | Posture & Sitting coach

Monique Staring

Tellington TTouch© Instructor | Accupuncturist

Christina Fitzgibbon

Horse Trainer | Equine Specialist

Annette Timmer


Emma Blijdenstein

Animal physical therapist | Fasciatherapist | Osteopath

Femke Dölle

Holistic instructor | Wellness consultant | Marketer