Everything we do at Equinestudies is one big journey of discovery, where we don’t proclaim one truth but let the research or the horses tell the story. There is always room for new insights and knowledge. We explore the world of the horse body in all its aspects, out of an inexhaustible desire for knowledge and improving horse welfare.



In 2012, Zefanja Vermeulen co-founded Nobel Equinestudies with Sietske. In 2013, Sietske arranged the first meeting with Sharon May-Davis in the Netherlands. Zefanja saw Sharon passionately at work and was captivated by her knowledge and love for the horse.In 2016, Zefanja continued Equinestudies independently and Sharon May-Davis joined the team of Equinestudies and together they do research on genetic disorders in domesticated horses compared to primal horses, among other things. Equinestudies, now with a professional team, organizes courses and training on the anatomy and biomechanics of the horse.

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Serious learning with humor

We believe in the power of simplicity; sincere and unaffected, no airs and graces or “look at me being great.” Just with both feet firmly on the ground. We rely on honesty and personal responsibility of all involved. Simplicity ensures that you know what to expect and what not to expect from Equinestudies. We do this from conviction and with enthusiasm. Our teaching material is serious and can be tough. That’s why we want to make learning as fun as possible, with humor. Humor is the path to resilience, makes one happy and gives energy. It helps us relate and let go. So there is laughter in every form of our education! An experience participants won’t soon forget.

The Bone Lady

Sharon May-Davis, one of our teachers from Australia, is a living legend in the field of the equine body and dissections. She has never stopped searching for the origins of complaints our domestic horses have. In 2018 after five years of intensive training, Sharon May-Davis licensed Equinestudies to teach all anatomy and biomechanics courses.

Equine Studies works closely with Sharon May-Davis and organizes many events in Europe. We are also closely involved in the studies she leads.