Kinesio Taping

The benefits of Kinesiology taping for the horse

Taping is a form of treatment that is very successful in The Netherlands, and amazing results. Taping allows you to give a lot of support to the horse, making the proprioception visible within minutes. During the course, you’ll get all ins en outs of this wonderful way of treating horses.

This 2-day course will be given by Stephanie van den Bergh she is educated by Dr. Raquel Butler and Sharon May-Davis. It is indispensable for therapists, horse trainers and passionate horse lovers that want to be able to better support the movement of their horses during injury.

The course will be given in Dutch or in English.


Subjects in this module

  • Activating blood- en lymph circulation by swellings and haemorrhage
  • Influencing fascia and muscles
  • Treatment of scars
  • Tendon injuries and inflammations
  • Musculoskletal injuries
  • Improvement of muscle function
  • How to support joint function


Students will need to hand in a few case studies upon which an exam will follow.


€395,- for 2 days, manual and usb included.

The groupsize will be selected in such a way that every student and horse will get enough attention for his/her specific requests or questions.

If you’re not a therapist, you’re required to have already followed the modules Anatomy – Biomechanics – Dissection. Please contact us when you’re in doubt.

Location and timeschedule



12-13 September 2020

24 & 25 April 2020 ( 60 min. from Götenborg). Please contact Caroline Montelier 
26 April 2020 Advanced ( 60 min. from Götenborg). Please contact Caroline Montelier
27 April 2020 Masterclass ( 60 min. from Götenborg). Please contact Caroline Montelier


Aalsdijk 18
4115 LN Asch  ( area Culemborg)

Tijd: 9.00 – 17.00 uur



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