Did you think Equine Anatomy was boring and ‘dry’ matter?

Anatomie module - cursus anatomie bij paarden
We offer you something new and special that makes Equine Anatomy fun and challenging! Did you know that anatomy books often don’t match with reality? Every horse is unique and therefore, the anatomy of every horse differs. Trainers trained by Sharon May- Davis takes you on a journey to learn how to see and feel those differences.

This 2-day course is based upon scientific research and evidence. It will provide a good basic understanding of the Equine Anatomy. You’ll learn about the skeleton, how to feel different muscles on different horses, medical terms and much more.
By applying this new knowledge and skills, you’ll book better results in your training / treatment.

The module will be given in English, but is easy to follow.

  • Subjects in this course:
  • Skeleton
  • Boney landmarks
  • Musculature
  • Medical jargon
  • Tendons and ligaments
  • How to get more information from palpation?


€295,- for 2 days, manual included.

The groupsize will be selected in such a way that every student and horse will get enough attention for his/her specific requests or questions.

Location and timeschedule


Fall2018 Holland
09 & 10 June 2018 Germany

August 2018 Sweden


Holland Region Asch
Germany Wymartrasse 23 52429 Julich Kirchberg ( Dichtbij Venlo)

Time: 09.00-17.00
It is advised to bring your own horse for at least one day.