New online programme: The Horse Inside Out

Early Bird discount in April

This new and unique online learning programme will teach you everything about the functioning of the healthy horse and the abnormalities that can arise in the body. Do you really want to understand how a horse’s body works? Sign up in April and receive a discount of 30%. For more information, watch the video or click on the button below.

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Fascinated by the well-being of horses from the inside, Equinestudies organises lectures and courses based on the Equine Inside Out principle. It adressess important questions like: What life experiences has the horse gone through and how does it affect its body? Is the horse physically able to do what we ask him to do?

Equinestudies aims to give a deeper insight about the horse being to therapists, trainers, bitfitters, hoof carers, saddle fitters and passionate horselovers. In this way, treatment and/ or training of the horse becomes more effective.


Equinestudies: courses and treatment by top-professionals

Equinestudies is engaged with international professionals; Sharon May-Davis  all the professionals in the Team of Equinestudies are invited by Zefanja Vermeulen to teach different courses in Europe

Then Equinestudies is there for you! Check the calender for all available courses.

We hope to welcome you soon!

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