Presenting new development and research in Equine Science

Sharon May-Davis is known worldwide for her expertise.

In addition to the many dissections she performs for Universities, training centers and the general public, she also works as a therapist and researcher.
During an international conference in Melbourne AUS in Februari 2015, she shared her latest research with a large audience.
These studies have been published in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science.
Sietske Nobel met her during er training Equine Podiotherapy in Australia and brought her to the Netherlands in 2013.
She has already done many studies in the Netherlands and there are many possibilities here.
She is awesome who wants to share everything and does this in the seminar below.

Topics that will be discussed:


This wil be the first presentation:
“The mystery of the missing lamellae”

In our anatomy textbooks we learn that the nugal ligament lamellae are connected tot the cervical vertebrae form C2 to C7.
Even the portraits in the anatomy books that were released in 1800.
Beautiful drawing pictures adorn the books.
Only during the dissection that Sharon May-Davis has been performing for many rears on many breeds, she sees that the Nugal ligament lamellae runs to C5 and a few time to C6.
How is this possible that is the question of Sharon May-Davis.
In a article what she published in 2014 was that her question to the public.
Is is signed by the artists or have we made a mistake during our breeding program?
In this presentation will Sharon May-Davis also discuss the consequences of this missing Lamellea. What is the function of this NLL? And effects the horse?


This wil be the second presentation:
“Congenital malformation of C6 and C7”


A deformity of the cervical vertebrae C6 and C7 from birth.
On her 40th birthday discovered Sharon this deformity for the first time. She dug up a skeleton of the ground and looked at each and every bone.
In almost 20 years she discovers during dissections, X-rays and CT scans in horses this malformation of C6 and C7. Sharon decide to write more articles of this subject.
She will tel all about this subject in this presentation.
What does a malformation look like?
What kind of consequences does this have for the equine- sport of recreation?
Which signs or symptoms do these horses have?



This wil be the third presentation:
“Comparison Anatomy”


Sharon May-Davis wil talk about her latest research and articles in this presentation.
The sequel of the mystery of the absent lamellae.
In collaboration with Tanja de bode and Zefanja Vermeulen from Equinestudies, Sharon May-Davis has been conducting researchers on primal varieties since 2016 and this has given a spectacular result.
The Dutch Konik,Przewalski, Ferrell Donkey, Bosnian Mountain Horse and the Junaguni from Japan have about 24 differences in their anatomy compared to the domesticated breeds.

What significant differences are these?
What is the effect of these differences on the anatomy and biomechanics of the horses?
What effects does the horse have?

We have also prepared all the skeletons for you and these van be viewed in this presentation.

During all of these presentations Sharon always sharing her passion and humor.
This also gives the horse owner, rider a deeper insight into the horse being.

After each of the lectures, Sharon will answer any questions you might have.


Tickets for the individual presentations are €45,-
If you look them all 3 at once, you will receive a discount of €35,-


Location and timeschedule

Date(s):  10 March 2018

Faculteit Diergeneeskunde Universiteit Utrecht
Willem C Schimmelgebouw
Yalelaan 112, 3584 CM Utrecht


1st presentation 14.00-16.00

2st prestation 16.00-18.00

3rt presentation 19.30 -22.00

It depends how many questions there are 🙂